Workforce Training


For more than twenty years, ITAG has been a go-to resource for employers seeking support with tech-based worker training in southeastern PA.

Through our partnership with the PA Department of Labor & Industry & the Chester County Workforce Development Board, ITAG awards grant dollars to regional companies for eligible incumbent worker training. These cash grants can reimburse up to 50% of a company’s costs for a given training project, with special opportunities for training that supports layoff aversion and/or is critical to a company’s long-term growth and success in the region.

ITAG has awarded over $7 million training dollars to more than 100 local employers over the years, helping workers learn critical skills while meeting the ever-changing needs of our technology sector and advancing our regional economy.

Examples of trainings, certifications, and job skills that ITAG has funded in recent years include:

  • Business System Analysis
  • Technical Project Management
  • Programming Languages and Developer Platforms
  • Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Network Administration and Security
  • Dev Ops

ITAG’s worker training initiatives are led by a volunteer committee to identify high-priority training needs and make funding recommendations.

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