What Are Your Technology Resource Needs?

ITAG requests your input to evaluate technology-related training, hiring, and resource needs in the region. 

Assist us in furthering our mission to help technology companies and professionals in southeastern Pennsylvania grow and succeed. What does ITAG do?

  • We offer training grant funds to upskill technical employees
  • We work together on challenges facing the tech industry
  • We learn about new opportunities and ways to run our businesses more efficiently
  • We provide career exploration activities for our youth

Input is not only needed from organizations within the tech industry, but from technology professionals within organizations from all industries. 

Please visit ITAG’s Employer Needs Assessment 2021 – Your responses will help drive our future efforts in supporting the region’s technology needs through training grants, working groups, panel discussions and conference topics.

Please take this opportunity to let us know how we could be better serving your organization.