Introducing Tech Together: A New Opportunity to Share and Learn

The Executive and Core Team at ITAG is excited to announce the launch of a new pilot program designed specifically for the busy working professionals ITAG serves. We put together a series of online gatherings geared to enable small, focused groups of IT professionals to share and collaborate. We are calling this new offering Tech Together – because that’s exactly what it is all about. We are excited to bring tech professionals together to collectively work through IT issues and challenges.

Tech Together: 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Starting in October and running through December 2021, Tech Together will meet online, over Zoom, on the third Wednesday of every month at 8 AM ET. The topics for these small-group discussions will be specific to IT and the daily challenges our professionals face at work.

The format will be a brief introduction to a particular topic from a local industry leader, followed by a candid, round-table discussion of the issue. The point of the conversation will be to share ideas, best practices, potential solutions, and tips for overcoming common hurdles.

Each working/meeting session is 45-minutes long. The meetings will be kept to that schedule so they do not cut into what is likely to be a busy work day.

The schedule for meetings is set out below:

  • Wednesday, October 20th at 8 AM – Ransomware: Lessons Learned – How to respond, limit its damage, and prevent it from disrupting your people, led by Erik Gudmundson, Pegasus Technologies
  • Wednesday, November 17th at 8 AM – Maximizing Success with a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) – Discussion on secrets and best practices, led by Greg Black, Premier Technology Group
  • Wednesday, December 15th at 8 AM – Year-End Reviews – How to prepare year-end metrics and give/receive feedback, led by Lisa Van Ess, Magic Hat Consulting

The attendee list will deliberately be kept small. No more than 15 people will be able to attend any monthly gathering. Spots will go on a first come/first served basis. The idea is to limit the group size so that meaningful, in-depth conversations between working professionals flourish.

The cost to attend a Tech Together meeting will be $5. That “buy me a coffee” amount helps the ITAG team ensure the registration numbers match the number of professionals attending the meeting.

Click here to register.

Sign Up to Keep Yourself Informed

The team at ITAG will be sharing more information as details are finalized as well as adding new sessions. The best way to stay on top of what is happening is to request to subscribe to ITAG’s mailing list. Contact Cheryl Korn to be added if you are not already.

We look forward to sharing, working, and learning with you as we Tech Together over the coming months.